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------ Chloroacetonitrile ------

CAS : 107-14-2
Molecular formula: ClCH2CN
Molecular weight: 75.5
Structural formula:


Physic hemical property: Colorless transparent fuming liquid, with pungent smoky smell, Melting point: -38°C, Boiling point 123.5~126°C, decomposed in 127°C, Relative density 1.1930(20°C), dissolved in ethanol and ether. .
Main technical indexes:
                   Assay: ≥99.5%
                   Moisture: ≤0.1%
                   Chloroacetamide: ≤0.2%
                   Free acid (as HCL ): ≤0.2%
Packing: 200kg plastic drum
Uses: To be applied in organic synthesis, also to be used as the analytical reagent.

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